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작성일 : 12-11-27 09:18
ARM Technology Symposium 2012
 글쓴이 : 관리자
조회 : 3,855  

지난 2012년 11월 20일
서울에서 진행 된 ARM Technology Symposium 현장 모습 및 발표 영상입니다.

  ARM Technology Symposium 2012
  in Seoul     

ARM takes up arms against Intel

(iTers News) – ARM Holdings plc’s ambition has no end in sight. Numbering its Cortex CPU processors from M0 for smart metering to A50 series for data center servers, the Cambridge, U.K.-based processor architecture IP provider is looking...  more

LG braces for entry into smart TV SOC market

(iTers News) – Smart TVs of today have a long way to go before they are as smart as smart phones and tablet PCs. Running on a CPU and OS software platform, smart TVs have become Internet-capable to download tons of apps...  more

ARM Cortex-A9 on stick PC from FXI Technologies

(iTers News) -At ARM Technology Symposium 2012 held in Seoul, ARM Holdings Plc. showcased an array of its ecosystem partners’ devices that run on ARM Cortex CPU...  more

GPU, CPU power gain by a factor of 20 and 15 times on smartphones

(iTers News) -Video News-  ARM Technology Symposium 2012 opened on Nov. 20 in Seoul, demonstrating how intelligently and power-efficiently ARM’s low-power CPU and GPU processor family power...  more
ARM Technology Symposium 2012_ Seoul20121120 (21)

ARM debuts accredited engineering program for ARM technology developers

(iTers News) -Video News – Chris Shore, training manager with ARM, gave a quick and brief presentation on what and how ARM’s accredited engineering program would help developers of ARM technology.   more

Carbon Design Systems at ARM Technology Symposium 2012 in Seoul

(iTers News/Video News) – Carbon Design Systems is a provider of virtual prototyping solutions, which especially focuses on ARM IP and ARM ecosystem. At ARM Technology Symposium 2012 held in Seoul,...  more
connected smart TV

TV SOC market is in flux for another big shake-up

(iTers News) – The competitive map for TV SOC market is redrawn , pitting top-tier captive TV makers like Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics against traditional fabless TV SOC makers such as MediaTek and MStar of Taiwan.
As TVs get smarter with new features like voice-and gesture-recognition technologies, so are SOC solutions,...  more



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51 휴인스 신규 홈페이지 개설 관리자 09-10 937
50 MDK-ARM for STM32L0 / STM32F0 무료 지원 안내 관리자 03-15 1706
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47 영남대학교 ARM ATC 공인교육센터 협약식 관리자 02-06 1298
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45 (주)휴인스 동계교육 안내 관리자 12-02 1666
44 2014 로보월드 참여 관리자 10-31 1863
43 2014년 (주)휴인스 여름휴가 휴무 안내 관리자 07-31 1637
42 ARM Cortex-M Solution Seminar 2014 초대 관리자 06-12 2638
41 (주)휴인스 뉴스레터 - 20호 관리자 04-30 2068
40 MDK-ARM/ULINK PRO 프로모션 이벤트! 관리자 04-01 2196
39 Aimex2014 한국국제공장자동화전 참여 관리자 03-07 2130
38 ARM ATC 공인교육센터 금오공과대학교 협약 관리자 02-03 2263
37 (주)휴인스 갑오년 새해인사 드립니다. 관리자 01-02 1696
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